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117049, Yakimanka,39
Moscow, Russia
ph. (095) 967-2099,
fax (095) 264-7625
E-Mail: v.g.toporkov@mtu-net.ru info@mkniga.ru
Hunting programms in Russia.
the others games: Kostroma. Karelia. Tver.
GAME SPECIES. Capercailye & Black-Cock
Auerhahn & Birkhahn Grand Tetras & Petit Tetras
REGION. Sankt-Peterburg region, Novgorod region .
PERIOD . April 10 - May 20
TERRAIN. Forest, pasture, in some areas swamp.
GROUP. 4-7 hunters in a group.
MODE OF HUNTING. Capercailye/Auerhahm by pursuing, Black-Cock/Birkhahm from shelter.
SCHEDULE. 6 days tour , 4-5 actual hunting days.
SUCCESS. 100% capercailye; 90% Black-Cock.
ACCOMMODATIONS. Log cabins, sauna. Qualified cooking.
WAY OF PAYMENT. 25% advance before 15 March.
WE PROVIDE Cost includes: Visa support * Permission for the temporary import-export of the arms & ammunitions*Assist with the customs formalities on arrival & departure *Interpreter for the all period of the tour*Meeting and seeing off at the international airport* *Meals and loging* Professional guides * All the necessary ground transfers while hunting* Field preparation of the trophyes* Making international veterinary certificate.
Cost excludes: Insurance* Alcohol drinks * Video & photos* Sightseeing* Gratuities to the stuff *Items of personal nature..